Changelog & Updates

July 14, 2022

Breakfree Trading Updates

Major release
Breakfree Trading 2022 Summer Update
New exchanges added
+ Lima Stock Exchange (BVL)
+ Columbia Stock Exchange (XBOG)
+ Boursa Kuwait (XKUW)
+ Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)
+ Poland Stock Exchange (XWAR)
+ Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)
+ Jamaica Stock Exchange (XJAM)
+ Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)

+ Philippine Stock Exchange (XPHS)
+ Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE)
Improved desktop experience
Improved mobile experience
July 24, 2021

Breakfree Trading Updates

Major release
Breakfree Trading 2021 Summer Update
Starter plan for 15 dollars a month with access to 1D Forex
Added all metals to Discovery plan
Vertical navigation on the right side
Added layout save functionality
Added live market price in chart tab
Dark color theme
Improved desktop experience
Improved mobile experience
May 28, 2021

Breakfree Funding Introduction

Major release
Breakfree Funding
Standing true to our mission of empowering people to achieve freedom in their lives, we’ve finally released our long-awaited Breakfree Funding Program.

Tom goes through the gist of what our Funding Program is all about in the video above. We look forward to a profitable future together.
Breakfree Demo Account
Since the latest update, all paying members have the opportunity to instantly create a demo account directly on the Navigator platform.

No longer do you have to register with a brokerage just to set up a demo account, a few clicks is all it takes on our platform.
TradeGuard - Price Offset Tool
A further improvement to our TradeGuard AI, it now actively scans for any price discrepancies between our data feed and your broker.

Should it identify a noticeable price difference, you will receive a suggestion in the TradeGuard window to offset your price by a certain amount.

TradeGuard - Active feedback notifications
The next step in our algorithm helping you trade better, TradeGuard will now provide active feedback on your trades.

Whenever the market situation changes, your trades hit TP or you forget to place a stop loss, TradeGuard will notify you to adjust your trades or pending orders.
MetaTrader Bridge stability upgrades added
Funded risk settings added to the Risk Slider
May 13, 2021

Breakfree Trading Binance Bridge Update

Major release
Binance Bridge
The most awaited addition to the Navigator for all crypto traders has finally arrived; the Binance Bridge.

As always, BFT keeps on delivering cutting-edge technology to their traders, the Binance Bridge being the latest edition. The Binance Bridge is available for Spot, Coin Futures and USDT Futures. TradeGuard on top will be implemented shortly. 

In the above video, Tom explains all the basics of trading on Binance using the Navigator platform.
Sonar Alerts now repeat automatically until expiry date
TradeGuard risk calculation automatically based on account currency
Various minor issues fixed to further enhance the Navigator experience
Apr 23, 2021

Breakfree Trading Alerts Update

Major release
You asked for them and we have delivered. Alerts have come to the Navigator in our latest update.

As promised, alerts have arrived for both Sonar setups and for price alerts, so you'll never miss another opportunity again!

Watch the video above where our coach Tom explains how to set alerts up.
Feb 14, 2021

Valentine's Day Update

It's Valentine's Day and time has come for a new, game-changing update.

In this update, we are introducing several long-awaited features to further improve our traders' experience and make the Navigator better than ever before.

Watch this video where our coach Tom explains the newest killer features.
RTD 2.2
RTD has been further streamlined and improved - Local and Global trends now share a common output which elegantly shows the total strength of the current trend.

Position Tool 2.0
A true blessing for X-Mode traders, the position tool has been upgraded to automatically calculate risk and allow scaling of multiple TPs for their convenience.

What's even better, no longer do you have to choose between short/long position tool, simply drag the tool in your desired direction to either create a long or short trade setup.

Risk Slider
Are you an aggressive trader or more conservative? Our new Risk Slider feature lets you choose your predetermined risk with the click of a button.

You may now choose from three pre-determined risk settings to suit your risk appetite, or even set up your own custom risk settings!

Jan 30, 2021

Breakfree Trading 2021 Update

Major release
Breakfree Trading Dashboard
A new year, calls for a new update of Breakfree Trading.

In this update, we are introducing game-changing functionality to take your trading to the next level.

Our trading coach Tom will give you a rundown of the most killer features we’ve prepared for you.
As a paying member of Breakfree Trading, you will now find a Dashboard located in the top right corner of the Navigator app.

New Dashboard is designed to minimize the noise and only leave you with the features designed to compound and multiply your trading account.

BFT TradeGuard™
Humans are not designed to be good traders, but machines are. That’s why we created TradeGuard™.

It minimizes 94% of common human errors and makes sure you stay profitable in your trading.
XP System & Ranks
Learn trading the right way with our unique XP System. Complete Daily and Weekly trading quests to level up your rank and unlock rewards.

Level 4:
Unlocks Bronze badge + 15m/1H Sonar trades

Level 7: Unlocks Silver badge

Level 12: Unlocks Gold badge + free BFT Merchandise

Level 18: Unlocks Platinum badge

Level 25: Unlocks Master badge + Free BFT Pro for life

Level 30: Unlocks Legend badge
Profit & Loss Analysis
Check the new P&L Panel and monitor your weekly, monthly and quarterly performance.
Order execution with TradeGuard built-in
Know beforehand if a trade becomes dangerous. TradeGuard now powers your order execution interface and provides objective real-time feedback on the trades you’re about to get into.
Brand new Breakfree Trading Academy 2.0
Need to refresh your memory about the latest Breakfree Trading Strategy? Now you can access your video knowledgebase right inside the Navigator.
Missing a market? Meet our new Market Mapping feature
Now you can map markets from Navigator directly to your broker's unique contracts or symbols, and still execute directly in Navigator as you are used to.
RTD 2.1 (Real-Time Trend Detection)
RTD 2.1 comes with a new perspective for trend strength, which Local and Global bands will display.

A Local or Global band value of:
0 - 40 indicates an unreliable weak trend
40 - 70 indicates a low trending market
70 - 120 indicates the average strength of the market
120+ indicates a strong trending market
Breakfree Trading Algorithm 5.1
Breakfree Trading Algorithm sees 5.1 release with major speed improvements, accuracy, and asynchronous functionality with TradeGuard.
Added additional server capacity to secure scaling performance
Added CBOE VIX & DXY instruments
Easier access to Dark/Light mode
Various mobile optimizations
Dec 7, 2020

Breakfree Trading Updates

Major release
Breakfree Trading Algorithm 5.0.1
We have released a few updates over the weekend to help improve the user experience & functionality.

We have brought back the coloured position boxes, moved back to 3 positions by default and given you much more control over how you manage risk.

Please watch the video for more details & happy trading
 Improved positions interface
Fixed android mobileissues
Switched datafeed infrastructure to scale performance
Nov 20, 2020

Breakfree Trading Updates

Major release
Breakfree Trading Algorithm 5.0
Today we are releasing the 5th generation of Breakfree Trading Algorithm.

BFT Algorithm 5.0 has seen major improvement in accuracy of levels, speed, and intelligence to detect the best possible trade setups.

We are also introducing a major overhaul of the Strategy mode.
 3 new timeframes for Strategy mode
We are bringing strategy mode to all major traded timeframes, which now gives you the ability to engage in high probability trades on lower timeframes.

- 15 min (BRC, EXT)
- 1 Hour (BRC, EXT)
- 4 Hour (BRC, EXT, Swing)

2 new strategies added
2 new carefully engineered highly profitable trading strategies have been brought to the Breakfree Traders Discovery & Pro users.

- BRC (Break Retest Continuation) 

- EXT (Extension setups)
Predefined risk management system
All trades risk has been set at predetermined values:

15m:   1.00% risk
1h:      1.75% risk
4h:     2.50% risk
1D:     3.50% risk
Risk management system built-in
We have built predetermined risk warnings for users.
Currently set at 5% risk of account per asset class.
Persistent positions
Gone are the days of trades disappearing. Your entered trades are now being highlighted on the chart, even if the landscape has changed since you entered.
Refreshed details
We made Navigator more sexy and created more space, so you can focus on the details that matters when executing trades.
New watchlist design
We improved the watchlist to work for both Desktop & Mobile.
Access Navigator by Facebook or Google login.
Even if you already are registered, you can use the new Facebook and Google Login for quicker access to Navigator.
BFT Panel redesigned and moved into the chart
BFT Panel is now found inside the chart and will appear once you click an available trade.
Mobile interface has been improved.
MT4/MT5 speed improvements
Chart rendering speed.
Bridge login and speed improvements.
Removed layout functionality
Improved save chart functionality
Oct 23, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.8

MetaTrader Bridge capacity update
We noticed higher usage of MetaTrader Bridge than expected, and has added more servers along with scaling infrastructure to accommodate load.
Fixed issue with MetaTrader bridge PNL updating incorrectly
Oct 15, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.7

Major release
MetaTrader Bridge

Today we officially launch the MetaBridge in the Navigator, which means you this very moment can connect your MT4/MT5 terminal and trade directly from the charts.

The Metatrader bridge gaps the distance between charting and trading and allows direct trade execution and management from Navigator.
New markets from Nasdaq OMX Nordic & others
+ Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Copenhagen)
+ Stockholm Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Stockholm)
+ Helsinki Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Helsinki)
+ Iceland Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Iceland)
+ Tallinn Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Baltic)
+ Riga Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Baltic)
+ Vilnius Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Baltic)
+ Nasdaq OMX Armenia

+ Borsa Istanbul (BIST)
+ Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A (Bovespa)

+ FTSE 250 (FTMC)    
+ FTSE 350 (FTLC)    
+ FTSE All Share (FTAS)    
+ FTSE techMARK 100 (FTTAS)  
+ FTSE Small Cap (FTSC)  
+ FTSE AIM 100 (AIM1)
Access MetaBridge on Navigator now
Sep 26, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.6

Major release
Realtime Trend Detection 2.0

With the RTD available in your Navigator, you can look at trends and momentum in a much more simple and easy way. The RTD will allow yourself to position yourself on the right side of the market.

Learn to use it here
Aug 13, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.5

Rewritten candle drawing engine
We improved candle drawing engine for both light and dark mode.
New real-time crypto exchanges datafeed
+ Binance
+ Bitmex
+ Kraken
+ Coinbase
Datafeed speed optimizations
Position tool
Position tool now shows labels on hover, and have a setting to always show labels if you wish
Small fixes and improvements
We done the usual fixing and tweaking to improve your navigator experience.
July 5, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.4

Subscription manager
Now you can easily manage your subscription in Navigator.
Flag markets in your watchlist
Small fixes and improvements
June 13, 2020

Market availability update

New markets available in real-time from Oanda.
+ Index CFDS
+ Metals
+ Commodity CFDS
+ Bonds CFDS
‍+ Forex pairs
New World Market Exchanges available in real-time
+ Nasdaq
+ OTCMarkets
+ many others
June 9, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator 1.2

We heard your ask for a better watchlist user experience, including arrow up and arrow down to move fast between the markets.
Small fixes and improvements
June 1, 2020

Breakfree Trading Navigator launch

Introducing Breakfree Trading Navigator.

Your favorite trading algorithm, but even better, faster, more accurate and built inside our brand new trading platform.

Learn more here
Breakfree Trading Algorithm 4.1
+ Completely rewritten algorithm in C#
+ Trade mode selector
+ X-mode enabled replay
+ Improved algorithm accuracy
+ Improved algorithm speed
Access Navigator now
April 26, 2020

Breakfree Trading Announces Navigator

Breakfree Trading Navigator announced
Breakfree Trading confirm standalone platform (Navigator) to be released in Q2 of 2020
March 7, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.1.5-rc

Improved algorithm engine
+ Improved algorithm engine
+ Fixed UI issues with entry and TP boxes
+ Stoploss UI updated
+ Minor bugs fixes

Feb 8, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.1.4-rc

Minor bugs fixes
Feb 6, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.1.3-rc

Improved algorithm accuracy on selected markets
Minor bugs fixes
Feb 4, 2020

Version 3.1.2-rc

Small fixes and improvements
Jan 30, 2020

Version 3.1.1-rc

Small fixes and improvements
Jan 30, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.1.0-rc

Improved algorithm accuracy
+ Improved algorithm accuracy
+ Improved X-Mode realtime update
+ Major mid range trade setups improvement
+ Added customizable split positions values in settings panel
+ Default stoploss ratio changed to 1.7:1
+ Discovery now available for ALL forex markets.
- Removed trade cancellations feature until further notice.
+ Small fixes and improvements

Jan 23, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0.10-rc

Speed optimizations
Small fixes and improvements
Jan 22, 2020

Breakfree Trading Announced secret platform in the works

Breakfree trading confirms standalone platform in the works
Jan 20, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0.9-rc

Jan 17, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0.7-rc

Improved trade cancellation
Small fixes and improvements
Jan 15, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0.6-rc

Small fixes and improvements
Jan 12, 2020

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 3.0.5-rc

Major release
Introducing X-Mode & BFT Panel
+ BFT Panel
+ X-Mode (Only 4H TF and above on Discovery)
+ Built-in Position Sizer
+ Dark Mode
+ Price Action Sense (PAS)
+ Discovery now available for ALL forex markets.
+ Stoploss and risk Override
+ Previous low stoploss detection
+ Small fixes and improvements

Nov 1, 2019

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 2.1.0-rc

- Speed optimisation
- Bug fixes
- Better risk management for lower timeframes
Small fixes and improvements
Aug 12, 2019

Breakfree Trading Algorithm 2.0-rc

Major release
Introduced Strategy mode on TradingView

The Breakfree Trading Algorithm works by analyzing the market structure of an asset. A mathematical model is used to map out resistance and support zones as well as decode the psychological levels developed in the market.

Our algorithm works by spotting high probability trades and creating trade setups which indicate where you should enter the trade, take profits, or set the stoploss.

However, the secret sauce is how trades are executed in those zones. The results vary depending on the market.

+ Overhauled and rewritten codebase
+ Major speed optimization
+ Algorithmic graphic output reworked
+ Advanced Trading option added
+ A bunch of bugs fixed
+ Optional 200DMA for position trading direction
Small fixes and improvements
May 19, 2019

Breakfree Trading Algorithm Beta Program begins

Beta release

Become a Breakfree Trader

Put yourself right ahead of the pack and start your journey of becoming a trader with Navigator

Access Breakfree Trading Navigator