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Link to the May 31st Livestream can be found here.

During this live stream, I've been discussing an innovative trading strategy that relies on AI technology. The strategy focuses on various timeframes including 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, and 1-hour, and uses AI-generated strength indicators to pinpoint optimal entry points, stop-loss positions, and risk percentages. I've underlined the importance of avoiding simultaneous trades in correlated markets to reduce the risk.

A crucial element of our strategy involves placing limit orders to enter trades at desirable prices and rapidly adjusting your Take Profit (TP) level once in the trade. This method can help you capture sudden market movements in your favor.

Even though this approach might seem complex, its profitability is evident based on market interactions. While we're still preparing historical backtesting results, you can gauge the strategy's profitability by observing how the price responds to the AI's instructions. I acknowledged that we need to build a comprehensive backtesting framework for Neural Mode, but due to other priorities, this might take a bit longer.

I also highlighted the role of automated trading bots in our strategy. The ability of a bot to execute trailing stop and take profit orders quickly is invaluable. Bots can exit trades efficiently when the markets start moving against them, helping to protect profits and limit losses.

I discussed the pricing model for our Neural Mode trading strategy as well. I'm considering a model that is affordable for some users while recognizing the significant value it provides to others. I proposed a collaborative model that might involve paying a fee once a trader has recouped the initial cost of Neural Mode. This tool, as I pointed out, could help traders make substantial profits.

The key strength of our strategy, as I explained, is the AI's capability to detect buying and selling programs, providing a significant advantage for traders. It advises where to buy, where to sell, how much to buy, how much to sell, and where to take profit. I encouraged traders not to over-leverage and to seize the opportunity to make as much money as possible.

In conclusion, I announced that the Neural Mode 1.1 update will be going live soon, possibly within the next hour. I thanked viewers for tuning into the live stream, asked them to like and subscribe, and invited them to stay tuned for more updates. Finally, I excitedly revealed that Neural Mode 1.1 will be launching very soon.