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Initial balance


Win rate
Max Drawdown
Total Return
Total Trades
Avg. Duration
1h 54m
Avg. Win
Avg. Loss
Profit factor

Our cutting-edge trading algorithm demonstrated outstanding results in this 17-month backtest period. The strategy achieved a remarkable win rate of 76.6%, showcasing its ability to consistently generate profitable trades. The average trade duration was 1 hour and 54 minutes, indicating the algorithm's efficiency in capitalizing on short-term market movements.

The total return for the backtest period was $40,295, while the maximum drawdown remained relatively low at $1,419, or 14.19% of the initial balance. This demonstrates the algorithm's ability to manage risk effectively, with a healthy balance between return and drawdown.

The algorithm's performance is further highlighted by the impressive Sharpe ratio of 8.80, suggesting a strong risk-adjusted return. This is complemented by a positive risk-reward ratio, with the average winning trade generating $177.54 and the average losing trade resulting in a loss of $123.15. The profit factor of 4.72 confirms the algorithm's ability to generate gains that are 4.72 times greater than its losses.

In summary, Breakfree Trading's algorithm has delivered exceptional performance in the GBP/USD 5-minute backtest from December 2021 to April 2023. These results showcase the algorithm's ability to consistently generate profits, effectively manage risk, and capitalize on short-term market opportunities. However, please keep in mind that past performance is not always indicative of future results, and actual trading conditions may differ due to factors such as slippage, commissions, and other trading costs.

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