Neural Agent 3.19
Released 17th June 2024
Fully Automatic Trading
Up to 1% Profit a day
Private Configuration
Drawdown Protection
Works on all markets
5 min setup
Forward and backtested
Used by over 417 people daily
Trade up to 3 accounts

God Offer

Neural Agent 3.19 (Summer model)
Trade up to 50 markets simultaneously
Connect up to 3 trading accounts
Access to chat
1 year of updates
1 Year access only $2499
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Ascension Offer

Neural Agent 3.19 (Summer model)
Trade up to 4 markets simultaneously
Connect 1 trading account
Acess to chat
1 year of updates
1 Year access only $606
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Neural Agent 3.19 Overview

USDJPY Classic Backtest

EURUSD Hedging Backtest


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Powerful Features

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Beat The Markets By Never Trading Manually Again

Neural Agent Remote

With Neural Agent you can claim back your time from the markets,  and keep tracking of your agent from desktop or mobile.

Neural Risk Management Module

Neural Agent operates on a professional risk management module, allowing you to set risks as it suits you with ease.

Use as Co-Pilot Or Full Autopilot

Trade on full Autopilot or as a Co-Pilot placing trades for while you supervise Neural Agent in HITL (Human-in-the-loop) mode.

Your Best Trading Results Ever

Create your best and most consistent trading results, without ever placing a manual trade again.

People love Breakfree Trading:


United Kingdom
So far it's been a wonderful experience with Breakfree Trading. I managed to get my account 30% up in 3 weeks. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mark Ambler

United Kingdom
Since joining BFT I have received first class customer support which I cannot fault but only praise. No matter what the time is, what means of communication you have available their is always someone there for you in real time.

Snir Oron

The best way to go from being a struggling trader to a consistent profitable trader, in a very short time and like everything, with the right practice. Amazing platform and community! Thank you BFT🙏🏼

Jeffrey Goh

I have not been a consistent trader till i found Breakfree Trading. The 'Xmode' allow us to see where are the important level for our trade entry set up and profit target. A big thank you to BFT, you guys rock... :)


United States
Breakfree trading is NOT a scam, its the real deal!! Ever since coming over here to learn from them has been nothing but amazing. This is literally the only system that i have done that has actually made me profitable in forex.


Finally a simple way to learn to trade professionally but without frills. After lot of useless courses and YouTube finally something serious and clear that gave me the bases.


United Kingdom
I would recommend BFT to any aspiring trader. The algorithm is a real help with finding your support and resistance levels which gives you confidence. The levels are accurate.

Jonathan Gould

United Kingdom
A breath of fresh air compared to some others. Great training, fantastic support, good people and a great community.


United Kingdom
I've been with BFT for about 2 months and can't recommend it enough. The precision of the levels that the Algo gives you is shocking.

Tze How Ogre

I was skeptical about price action trading but BFT changed all that. I’m impressed how the management is constantly looking to improve the algorithm and platform.

Sanja Tejkal

I'm not a professional trader, but with this algo is possible to be consistently profitable. I would recommend BFT to everyone who wants to learn how to trade and also for those who are longer in trading.


United States
Wonderful product with amazing support! BFT is truly human centered & building a wonderful community! If you want to learn to trade, this is the place to be.


I’ve been with BFT since November 2020 and I have been regularly using their platform on almost a daily basis. The team is really like a family, almost everyone that has become a part of the inner circle engage with each other on a daily basis.


United States
NOT ONLY is BFT one of the BEST systems I’ve ran across as being addicted to information over load lol, I refuse to go anywhere but stick with this team of awesome, giving, kind, positive, compassionate people that are professional traders.

Jess Crux

Algo & Support Group that Push you UP!! I've been in forex trading for quite sometime, backtesting strategies, jumping here and there, tried algos, copy trades. Until i found Breakfree Trading strategy that fits my personality & taste.


I joined BFT end of August 2020. I tried the trial and a few days later I upgraded to PRO. The accuracy of the levels is amazing. I earned the subscription money back in two days.

Sanja Tejkal

I'm not a professional trader, but with this algo is possible to be consistently profitable. I would recommend BFT to everyone who wants to learn how to trade and also for those who are longer in trading.

Rob Martinez

United States
I am a seasoned currency trader. I lost thousandsin the markets with useless indicators and EA's. This is by far the best algo in the market. If you are not using an algo you will not make money!!! Breakfree Trading is the holy grail and i give it 10 stars.


Till today I managed to raise my account constantly and in a very safe way. That's another very positive thing they teach you, risk management. Just amazing, learning to trade, learning to understand the whole point of it, using an awesome tool, doing it safely, and feeling never alone within the BFT Family.


United States
For a beginner trader, breakfree is the best place to start. With top customer service and a hell of a community, you'll never feel overwhelmed. It would take time to develop your trade but at breakfree we'll know it's only time to be profitable...

Alan Fleming

United Kingdom
Ive used BFT for almost a year now and can say it is a valid and genuine system with good reliable information.

The team behind it constantly interact with the users and the technical support is second to none.

Joycelyn Conner

United States
Can't say enough about the team at Breakfree Trading! This platform is truly all you to need to be successful on a trading journey. The software is easy to follow and there is a community of traders always willing to answer any question.